3 Gold Stripes on Green  - 1   $350
Handwoven an​d Handmade Clergy Stoles

Threads of Praise​

Rainbow - 1   $390
Green - Three in One -TC   $450 
Advent - 2   $450
Rainbow - 2    $390
Advent - 1   $450
Purple - Crown of Thorns -1  $415   
Red - Pentecost - 1   $495      

A standard stole is  54”/55” in length and 4 ½” in width.  The back finishing is a “V” with an underside cord.  I welcome stoles ordered to a custom length.  Stoles come green, white, red, purple, and blue (see below for current designs).  New designs are in process and will be added in the future.  

Contact Janet Withoff with questions or to place an order.

​Stoles are worn by clergy or priests as a symbol of their ordination into ministry.  The stole is also a symbol of the acceptance of Christ’s invitation in Matthew 11:29 "Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me".
Stoles are purchased by churches as part of their liturgical vestments, but also given as gifts to newly ordained clergy and priests, or to mark an anniversary or special event in the life of the clergy or priest or the church.

All stoles are hand woven and hand made by the artist. The stoles are dry clean only.
All designs for clergy stoles are also available in deacon stoles.